How to Love Exercise & How To Finally Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Fitness, you either love it or hate it. We’re here to help you do it with ease and happiness!

Even 20 minutes of exercise per day, 5x a week can dramatically improve your life today and your life in your 60’s, 80’s and maybe even 100’s!

Pain and low energy is what we all want to avoid, light exercise consistently can help prevent this!

Don’t love cardio? That’s okay, you still need at least 2 sessions of light cardio per week, light cardio, doesn’t even have to be intense (unless your goal is a 6 pack, but we’re talking health and wellness today). Plus, there are many different styles of exercise that you should do as well!

Here’s an example calendar of how to change up your workouts for optimal health and vitality!

Sunday: Light walk for 20 minutes

Monday: Yoga or stretching for 20 minutes

Tuesday: Weight training or body weight training

Wednesday: 20 minutes of walking or a dance class

Thursday: Fun HIIT (move vigorously for 20 seconds, walk or breathe deeply for 30 seconds, repeat 10x)

Friday: Active recovery or rest day

Saturday: Weight training, body weight training or pilates

Variety is key!

Those who only do cardio are missing out.

Those who only do weights are missing out.

Variety allows your body to recover and keep moving throughout the week!

Now for the science that may help you solve why you’ve struggled with exercise or your weight in the past!

It’s not enough to exercise once and then sit for 8 hours. Sitting for more than 30 minutes turns off your fat burning enzyme called lipase! So yes, workout for 20 minutes, but also stand up and get your blood flowing throughout the day!
Do you go on an all out workout binger every few months, only to become burnt out?! That doesn’t work, here’s why: exercise is stress, it’s good stress, but it does take a temporary toll on your body to allow it to grow stronger. If you’re training hard 4-6 days a week, that may be too much for your body in the beginning, try our workout schedule above and then ramp it up as you get stronger!

Regenerative practices: this adds to number 2, because exercise is stress, you need to help it recover. Ice baths or cold showers are incredible at giving you an extra energy boost and helping your muscles recover faster! Sleep is key too, make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours on the days that you train hard, everyone is different but 7-8 is the minimum norm. If you’re waking up tired, you’ve gotta check out the Carico sleep system, worth it!

Skye Gallagher
Health & Wellness Expert

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